Wing Tai Jewellery - 永泰首飾珠寶公司

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Wing Tai Ornaments and Jewellery

Established in 1985, Wing Tai Ornaments and Jewellery has been producing quality jadeite masterpieces using the finest raw materials imported from Myanmar. Each piece of jewellery is a result of rigorous search in finding the best stones to create pieces that are rare and exceptional. No single piece can be replicated due to the rarity of jade and uniqueness in each stone. Each piece of jadeite speaks its own character whether it differs by shape, size or color. Together with the expertise in design and craftsmanship, each piece is done with careful consideration to bring out the best quality.

With years and generations of experience in the business, Wing Tai has built a sound reputation in the industry selling to world renowned jeweler and auction houses.

In addition to producing high end quality jadeite pieces, Wing Tai also specializes in customized diamonds and gemstones using the finest and rarest materials.

永泰首飾珠寶於 1985 年創立,創辦人的先祖父是經營玉石世家,現在是第三代接任,自小耳濡目染,對翡翠玉石熱愛及鑑賞,經驗豐富。採購翡翠直接由緬甸入口,嚴格挑選最高品質。翡翠本身有一古樸溫潤、色澤柔美之光,煥發出高貴優雅的品味。永泰首飾更突破以傳統翡翠玉雕的設計,柔合時尚多彩金屬、珍貴珍珠、彩色鑽石、紅藍黃寶石等,應用於翡翠珠寶設計中,使其呈現出翡翠光柔美感、層次更豐富。翡翠不但作鑑賞及傳留,更可作時尚典雅首飾配飾。